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Sure, there’s Route 66.

But can you name another scenic byway?

Beautiful Byways is the world’s only website and YouTube channel that profiles America’s scenic byways with both articles and videos. There’s plenty of advice out there about road trips. The difference is scenic byways are officially designated as the most significant routes in the country. First, they are curated by the locals who live along them. Then, after passing a rigorous application and screening process, these unique roads are selected for distinction. Nationwide, there are about 1,300 scenic byways. Most are at the state level. Others are chosen by the Federal Highway Administration to be National Scenic Byways. The best of the best become All-American Roads.

Offering much more than spectacular views, scenic byways are immersive experiences connecting travelers to history, culture, recreation and community. They drive local, rural and tribal economies, improving quality of life by bringing visitor dollars to small businesses, from lodgings and campgrounds to shops, restaurants and one of a kind attractions. They provide front and center education on sustainability and environmental issues. And in a time of great division, scenic byways help to heal by introducing travelers to corners of the country they probably know little about.

And yet, though it’s well-deserved, Route 66 is pretty much the only scenic byway people are familiar with. Beautiful Byways presents the best of America to the world.

Death Valley

Meet the Editor-in-Chief


I’m a self-taught scenic byways expert. Farm-raised and University of Colorado educated, I’m a Seattle-based journalist, writer and TV/video creator who has produced stories from all the continents, visited 62 countries and every U.S. and Australian state.


I particularly enjoy road trips. Over the past couple of years, I’ve driven 115,000 miles and counting (185,000 km) on four continents, using a diverse set of cameras to record the world's most picturesque routes and the attractions that lie along them.

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