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Top Scenic Byways Videos

We didn't choose the byways. The states did.

This is the start of a comprehensive, evolving video collection capturing

the spirit of America's top roads as told by a passionate community of storytellers.

What is a
Scenic Byway?

Nearly 1,300 scenic byways climb, twist and turn throughout America. These one of a kind roads rival national and state parks, monuments and historic sites in their splendor and importance. Their impact on small businesses and sustainability efforts is collectively greater. Curated by locals and then officially designated by their home states and the Federal Highway Administration, these byways connect America's top sites and experiences.

Utah's Extraordinary
National Scenic Byways

– 1 All-American Road

– 8 National Scenic Byways –

With five national parks, Utah is renowned for its beauty, and its widespread scenic byways equally impress with diverse attractions and activities.

Nevada's Valley of Fire
Scenic Byway

– State Designated Byway –

This easy day trip from Las Vegas is a spectacle of brilliance where the colors of nature rival the bright lights of The Strip.

California's Route 1:
Big Sur Coast Highway

– All-American Road –

The benchmark of scenic byways features immense waves, daunting cliffs, a millionaire's castle and epic elephant seal battles. 

North Carolina's
Outer Banks
Scenic Byway, Part 1

– National Scenic Byway –

The birthplace of aviation and an ancient English settlement are surrounded by some of the country's most beautiful beaches.

North Carolina's
Outer Banks
Scenic Byway, Part 2

– National Scenic Byway –

As Part 2 pushes south, the beaches become less busy and the towns more quaint as the byway turns into a ferry route bound for a remote island.

Grand Canyon:
Kaibab Plateau –
North Rim Parkway

– National Scenic Byway –

Most everyone visits the Grand Canyon's

South Rim, and so that makes the remote, remarkable North Rim that much more special.

Black Mesa

It's a treasure hunt for sandstone formations, dinosaur tracks and Plains Indian rock art in the hills and canyons of the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Tamiami Trail

– State Designated Byway –

The backroad from Miami to Tampa passes through the swamplands of south Florida, where alligators, birds and succulent seafood plates await.

New Mexico's Trail of
the Mountain Spirits

– National Scenic Byway –

Blending antiquity with a mystical landscape, this byway climbs high into the world’s first designated wilderness before arriving at ancient cliff dwellings.

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